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Smart companies have tough, real-time questions and challenges

As a firm known for strategic planning, thinking and branding, we sit at the table with smart people, typically leaders in their fields. Also typical, the point of engagement for us comes with a problem, challenge, opportunity or competitive pressure. We’re accomplished listeners and seasoned strategists, and we offer multiple points of entry to SG strategic planning and creative services.

Strategic conversations

You may have questions you haven’t been able to answer with your own team or resources. Answers are needed quickly to inform next steps. Our strategists are available on an hourly (non-contract) basis to listen to your strategic concerns and help you discern relevant next steps or see the line to other outside counsel.

Strategic or creative ideation

This half- or full-day collaboration between SG strategists and company leadership takes the pressure off a person or team and makes fun, efficient work of a question, opportunity or challenge. Use it to bring any strategic planning or creative challenge or problem to the table for a guided conversation.

  • Idea vetting: should we franchise? Should we open a new market? Should we build an app?
  • Naming: what works best for our company/product and what doesn’t? What name has the best legs? What name is big enough to still be relevant when we grow? What traditional naming categories make the most sense for us?
  • Core message development: who are our target demographics today and what messages, communication tools and delivery channels are important to each?
  • Branding: what is my brand today? Is it relevant? Current? Aspirational? Tired?
  • New product initiative: what in the world do I do first? Is it viable for this time?
  • Marketing mix: how do I make sense of the tools and delivery channels available today? How do I create a viable mix that will move the needle for my company?
Strategic problem solving and discovery using table talent

Strategic planning table talks are designed for businesses/organizations with a strategic dilemma or for those who have arrived at a critical juncture in the business lifecycle. This strategic process allows companies to bring a problem, challenge, question or opportunity to the table for confidential dialogue, debate, vetting for next steps discovery or work, dismissal, redirect, etc. We identify and facilitate table talent appropriate to a company’s need, bringing best industry minds and practices to the strategic conversation to close gaps in knowledge, experience, perspective and expertise.

We have found that problem solving and inquiry often require experts from these disciplines: IT/digital technology, software development/coding, human resources, legal, financial, creative, branding, operational, transformative communications (PCM®, LOD®), food and beverage.

Table talent is carefully recruited and vetted to leverage a power suite of competencies. Talent must have an evidence-based history of best practices and a better-than-peer vita, strong experience and proven perspective. There is an associated seating fee and clear process to table:

  • Pre-interview/diagnosis to facilitate understanding of problem/need/question and whether this solution is the best approach/fit
  • Planning for table talk
  • Scheduling/staging of people, process, place and problem
  • Event (strategic table talk)
    • To prevent eclipsing into a traditional strategic planning event, duration does not exceed two days

Reporting includes an accounting of proposed/vetted next steps.

Get unstuck and off the ledge.

Best thinking and best practices are not typically available outside formal business relationships with their accompanying fees. Competitive and other variables may make it unfeasible to access them via business development centers, coaching groups and best-practice circles. An SG table talk allows confidential probing for a day with no continuing obligation. Table talent will help you see, filter, redirect, resource, resist or become firmly resolved.

Strategic Planning using our proprietary Creel ModelSM

The Creel Model is comprised of four phases: vision, specification, equipping and accountability. Our model is fluid. Rather than being process-driven, The Creel Model is organization-driven. Using the four tenants of our model, we create custom planning sessions based on the unique needs and desired outcomes of your team.

A company or organization may choose to develop a strategic roadmap that encompasses all four phases of the Creel Model. The planning process can also be broken into modules to allow a company to 1) moderate its resources (time and money), and 2) allow a pause between phases for intercompany reflection, dialogue and vetting.

Pre-interviews/diagnosis allow SG strategists to gauge where in the Creel Model planning spectrum a planning candidate is and naturally focus resources and conversation.

The Creel Model Strategic Planning

We invite a discovery conversation to find the best strategic planning option for your needs. Pricing is customized by methodology, scope and required resources.